Japanese Consumers Database

Our Japanese Consumers Database is a proven source of data for over 15 years to many leading US based companies mailing into Japan. We specialize in only Japan unlike our competitors who seem to have every country and offer under the sun. When you are seeking out Japan and only Japan, contact Infinite Media List Management. Our direct relationship with our list owners extends back 15 years and has a proven track record for response and accuracy. Our data is selectable in numerous ways based on the offer selected. Many have purchased via Mail Order, Catalog and via Print Advertising in a variety of newspapers, magazines and online throughout Japan. Never before have so many Japanese consumers in JAPAN been available to reach specific to their interest or product purchased.


1563776Total Universe / Universe Rate$275.00/M
1563776Last 12 Months$275.00/M
7000Average Hotline+ $15.00/M

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Postal Mailing List


Cash buyers, Direct response, Multi Sourced, TV generated, Publications, Membership, Multi-buyers, Space sold, Internet/On-Line, Buyers, Compiled lists, Catalog




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Our Japanese Consumer database has been proudly managed at Infinite Media since 2006. 


Our file offers you the opportunity to reach out to a specific audience by choosing from any one of these (Monthly) and continuously promoted offers below. 

Records are available in both Kanji or Romanji.


Specifice Offers Options


  • Astrology & Luck Pachinko Gamers
  • Astrology Website Members
  • Wine Buyers
  • Hamariku How To Win
  • Anti Aging Supplement & Vitamin Buyers
  • Beauty, Cosmetic & Supplement Buyers
  • Dietary Supplement & Health Nutrition Buyers
  • Erectile Dysfunction/ Potency / ED Supplement Buyers
  • Investors
  • Horse Racing Enthusiasts
  • Health Food Buyers
  • Raffle Ticket Buyers
  • Gambling Enthusiasts
  • Adult DVD Buyers
  • Garcinia & Suzaran Weight Loss Product Buyers
  • Lucky Charms & Amulet Buyers
  • Lucky Draw Contestants
  • Jewelry Buyers
  • Lucky Warau Charm Buyers
  • Online Shopping Buyers
  • Health Product Buyers
  • Fortune Goods Buyers
  • Pachinko Gamers
  • Website Gambling & Astrology Members


We highly recommend this file for the following offers:


Astrology, Biz Opp, Lottery, Puzzeles, Sweeps Reports, lternative Health Products, Beauty, Travel, Spa Treatments, Organic Foods, Herbal Supplements, Diet Supplements & Products, Health & Nutritional Supplements, Publications, Fitness Products, Books, Investments, Home Decor, Cruises, Sweepstakes, Contests, Prize Draws, Political, Insurance, Fundraising, Mail Order, Esteric, Adult, Children's Offers, Diet Products, Travel, Opportunity, Golf Resorts, Cuisine and much more.








Mail Order Buyer$20.00/M
Multi Buyers$20.00/M
Special Interest$20.00/M



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