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Our Team Of Expert Mailing List Brokers And Managers

The team of mailing list brokers and managers is your one source for direct marketing business intelligence and direct mail list expertise. Difficult sales lead generation assignments and custom selects are our specialty. Our seasoned data professionals will work hard to instill confidence in your choice of business, consumer, telemarketing and email lists.

To reach a member of our team, call (914) 948-8300 or contact us. We're glad to help.


Steven Sheck, President
Steven Sheck, President and Founder

"Give us a call. You can count on me and everyone at for fresh entrepreneurial enthusiasm plus seasoned Fortune 500 discipline to power your next direct marketing campaign."

Steven founded Infinite Media in 1993 after working for many years at major direct marketing companies.  He has managed direct marketing campaigns for such A-list companies as OfficeMax, Nextel, AT&T, General Electric, American Express, and Pitney Bowes.

In Brief:
• Owner and President of, comprising MailingListsXPRESS and Infinite Media
• Has worked with the D&B file for 20+ years.
• In-depth knowledge of all D&B products
• Implements in-house processing for all orders


Bernadette Whittemore, Director of Account Management

“Call me to address your most important data needs. I'll bring deep knowledge, high energy, focus on detail and timely service to your unique situation.”

Bernadette is lead professional responsible for placing, tracking and shipping orders of all types including multi-million name orders, lists that span several databases, targeted small orders in addition to email, enhanced telemarketing, telemarketing and direct marketing orders

She also oversees the accounting department, keeping track of all accounts payable and receivable plus daily book-keeping responsibilities to ensure a smooth business flow for our 200+ customers.

In Brief:
• Member of our team since 1998
• Lead executive for fulfillment of complex data orders
• Expert in all aspects of the D&B file
• Proven track record optimizing our customer transaction experience


Melissa Villarie, Director of Account Management

"Call me for deeper insights into who your customers are and how best to engage them."

Melissa Villarie is a 14 year veteran of the direct marketing industry.  Her career began in list brokerage working with a variety of Fortune 1000 companies. Melissa has played a key role in developing the MailingListsXPRESS relationship with Dun and Bradstreet.  In fact, a great deal of her time is devoted to helping other brokers with their D&B data needs. When you feel your client database is lacking and you know there is more knowledge to gain from the leads you already have, call Melissa and she can help you with your data append needs.

In Brief:
• Member of our team since 1999
• Proficient in D&B US postal and email data including Worldbase
• Highly skilled in B2B data appends, custom selects and analysis
• Provides insightful and accurate business profiling


Jeffrey Hudes
Jeffrey Hudes, Manager of Marketing and Business Development

"Call me for your toughest targeting task. You will receive a world of data possibilities delivered with laser focus."

Jeffrey, with almost 30 years experience in direct mail will guide you along the path finding new customers to help grow your business.  Jeffrey will act as an extension of your marketing team offering advice to help increase your customer base that will in turn grow your business to new levels. 

In Brief:
• Delivery Channels: Email marketing, direct mail, mobile marketing
• Databases: Email append services, B2B and B2C databases including such esoteric lists as Japanese consumers in Japan, opportunity seekers/sweepstakes/TV generated databases
• Consultative Services: Digital marketing, lead generation, proximity marketing, related direct marketing services to domestic and international companies in all major industries


Becky Santaniello - VP Sales

Becky Santaniello, Vice President of Sales
"Call me for a fresh perspective on your list revenue program and circulation strategies. You will have my complete and undivided attention, offering best-in-class advice on how to exceed your goals."

Over the course of her lengthy career, Becky has served a wide variety of B2B and B2C marketers, consistently increasing sales by providing effective lead generation strategies and data. Her focus is simple: increasing sales for our direct marketing clients via her expertise in list, alternative media and digital products and channels. 

In Brief:
• List data professional since 1987
• Expert in B2B and B2C strategies that drive multi-channel campaign revenue
• NEMOA member and volunteer
• Strong partnerships with the industry-leading cooperative databases
• Broad network on client and vendor sides ensuring superior service and results


Patti Pierce, Senior Sales Executive and Data Consultant

"Call me when you need a true direct marketing partner dedicated to your immediate need for profits and your long range plans for growth."

Patti uses her 25 years in direct marketing and immersive approach to advise our B2B and B2C direct marketers and their agencies. She directs them to the target audiences and channels for maximum ROI. Patti guides their efforts to expand from local, to national, to global brands. She educates them as to how using our sister company resources will control their database management costs.

In Brief:
• Ardent student of clients’ business and direct marketing experiences
• Expert in buyer-file analysis of current buyer demographics or firmographics
and purchasing channels
• Perform research on database opportunities for list recommendations, qualifying through compilation & update procedures, confirmed usage, deliverability guarantees and email validation standards
• Experience in D&B database segmentation
• Extensive industry knowledge and unparalleled customer support to build and maintain long-term relationships with clients.


Mary Calabrese, Vice President Consumer Marketing
"Call me should you want to discuss your marketing objectives and I will walk you through the most cost effective and profitable options while helping you meet your desired goals."

Mary, with over 25 years experience in direct mail is an excellent resource to help you find fresh pathways to gaining profitable customers. Mary will partner with your business to take full advantage of the rapidly evolving options facing Multi-Channel marketers.

In Brief:
• Delivery Channels: Direct marketing, Email marketing, Multi-channel marketing
• Databases: Cooperative Database, Email services, B2C and B2B databases
• Consultative Services: Cooperative Databases, Digital marketing, Social Media marketing, Dun & Bradstreet Business data, Consumer, Catalog and Business to Business Marketing, Circulation planning, Merge Purge, Package inserts, Retail Store Traffic, Publishing and Non Profit marketing.


Crystal Warren, Assistant Account Manager

Crystal Warren, Assistant Account Manager
"Call me to assist with your everyday marketing needs. I'm here to understand your business, answer your questions, and find the perfect data for your next project at the most competitive price."

Crystal is an assistant account manager who possesses strong communication skills as well as detail orientation, to ensure our clients are satisfied from beginning to end. Crystal is committed to making the order process as smooth as possible.

In Brief:
• Joined the IM/MLXP team in 2010
• Vast knowledge of the Dun and Bradstreet database
• Responsible for placing, tracking and shipping a variety of direct marketing orders while maintaining the highest level of customer service


Sabrina Aiello

Sabrina Aiello, Accounting & Administration Manager
“Call me to ensure satisfaction with all your data and accounting transactions as well as great customer service.”

Sabrina possesses 3+ years’ experience at Personal Training Institute as a Manager/Master Trainer with expertise in daily book keeping & accounting, office management, administrative duties, marketing & sales. In addition, she has over 12 years of experience in retail business. Sabrina ensures customer satisfaction with the data transaction and accounting process in every way she can.

In Brief:
• Book keeping and accounting
• Point of Sale merchandising expertise
• Inventory management
• Customer assistance
• Owner assistance